I have an insured who is renting a car from Budget through their long term program. Basically, he is renting a car for about 6 months and then trades it in. His company reimburses him for the expense so he likes have the flexibility and new vehicle. Now the tricky part, the agreement with Budget says they get to decide on repairs and claims and they are technically the owner and requires the insured to carry the insurance. I have the policy currently with Progressive and I sent the agreement to their underwriting department and they approved the coverage. However, I am worried about what would happen in a claim. Has anyone written a policy like this? What carrier have you used? Have there ever been claims and how was it handled? I imagine a fender bender would be not an issue, but a total loss could prove to be a mess. It was written by a producer no longer here at the agency. Personally, I would like to get off this risk.

Please help.

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